leading supplier of clothing , handi craft & accessories
FSTC Fashion is a leading supplier of clothing , handi craft & accessories from Bangladesh. We are a highly successful lifestyle company manufacturer,exporter readymade garments and buying agent with a global presence. From design to delivery, our main aim is to elevate your sourcing supply chain at every level. The range of products we deal in knitted garments, woven, pullover, handicraft and accessories.

Upon placement of orders, we check right away and control the quality of all garments inputs such as yarn, fabric, accessories, labeling and co-ordinates timing of their procurement and its timely delivery. We let buyers choose and decide what kind of accessories and labels to use as far as style, color, design etc. Our network of manufacturers are pre-approved using our international selection process and will guarantee your business has areliable and quality supplier time and again. FSTC Fashion is a kind of garment-buying agent & Manufacture that can provide any kind off a fashionable apparels as per buyer’s requirement. We can handle small to largequantity of orders with quality assurance. Below some of the services we offerto overcome some to the challenges that will benefit your business.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

FSTC Fashion offer the full array of services from sourcing the right factories to managing the compliance, quality control and merchandising of our customer's products. This allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and allows us to focus on manufacturing their products. 

Sourcing Find new factories/units for new & existing products. Arrange for back up for factories existing styles
Sample Development Manage the sample and approval process across all factories
Merchandising Liaise with factories on all production issues. Communicate & report to customers on their status
Compliance Develop the coppliance level in new factories to reach customer standard
Quality Control Provide in-line inspections at all factoreis
Conduct final AQL

Quality Control Services

FSTC Fashion offers quality control as a standalone service to a number of customers who have already sourced their factories but need a little help to ensure that the factory reaches a certain quality level. Our services include:

AQLsFSTC Fashion has an independent QC team that conducts AQLs on behalf of its customers according to the customers' AQL levels. Customers receive AQL decisions within 4 hours and the AQL report within 24 hours

Inline QC Checks: We place a full-time Quality Control manager in the factory to look after our client’s production. The QC’s role is to monitor the quality of the production from fabrics through to finishing, providing technical assistance to the factory where required and reporting back to the customer on any issues with regards to production or to seek clarification on any issues. Inline reports are issued weekly to the client so they check the progress of their production.  

Pilot Run: The first production off the line, often known as the pilot run is the most important as it sets the tone for the full production run. In this capacity we are engaged to ensure that the pilot run is executed as per the customer’s required standards as evidenced by the PP samples and more importantly to ensure that the feedback from the pilot run is incorporated into the bulk production run.


Our Vision



Quality assurance is the first priority of our products. We believe quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. We provide customers the most comprehensive sourcing, production, design & product development service, with guaranteed quality, competitive pricing & quick turn around times with a world class professional personalized service.



Our Mission



Our mission is to be the market leader, in providing clothing from Bangladesh to our customers around the globe. To be a market leader we are committed to develop high quality, sophisticated and deviation-free products in our capacity and make on time delivery to our customers.